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Here To Help you pick
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Sizing Guide


Measure your pets against the sizing information below to choose the best fit.



Please allow two fingers to slide-in for comfort when measuring your dog's neck circumference.

Rope Collar (Clip-on or Slip-on style)

Rope collars are measured from the bar on the clasps to the ring. 

Specify desired neck circumference in cm or in inch in the "buyer's note" when you add to cart. The rope collar is not adjustable and is made to measure! 

Metropolitan Collar

Our Metropolitan collars are measured from the bar on the buckle to the middle hole.

The collars are specifically made to fit nicely and reduce the amount of the strap loose at the tip when attached on smallest size. For any measurement that are right in between, we recommend you to order a size up.


Measurements (collar width/length)

X-Small (5/8")  
8" (16-25 cm)    |    10" (22-30 cm)

Small (3/4")
12" (26-35 cm)

Medium (3/4" or 1")
14" (32-40 cm)    |    16" (36-45 cm) 

Large (1")
16" (36-45 cm)    |    18" (42-50 cm)    |    20" (47-55 cm)



Cotton Rope Leash

Rope leash are made between 5 ft. - 6 ft. in length

Measurements (size/rope Diameter)

(5 - 12 lbs)   8 mm

(12 - 25 lbs)   10 mm

(25 - 50 lbs)   12 mm

(50 + lbs)   16 mm

Metropolitan Leash

Our Metropolitan leash are made 4 ft. in length

Strap Width